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  • Washer With Grinding Balls

    Contact NowWasher With Grinding BallsThe washer is used for cleaning the mud ore before the beneficiation process, and improves the post-production mineralization index. It is often used in the cleaning process of mineral raw materials such as manganese ore, iron ore, limestone, tungsten ore, tin ore and silica sand.

  • Disc Vacuum Filter

    Contact NowDisc Vacuum FilterDisc Vacuum Filter is mainly used for floating 0-0.5mm beneficiated ore, and dewatering clean coal, waste coal and other fine materials. It also can be used for solid-liquid separation in metallurgy, chemical industry, and petroleum and sewage treatment.

  • Drum Ore Washer

    Contact NowDrum Ore WasherThe drum ore washing machine is consisted of two parts: one is for washing the clay; another is for sieving different sizes ores.

  • Disc Granulation Machine

    Contact NowDisc Granulation MachineThe disc granulation machine adopts overall circular structure and its granulation rate may reach above 93%. The design of granulation plate is convenient for intermittent continuous production, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves labor efficiency.