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The Rod Mills Will Be Used For The Peruvian Gold Mine Production Line
May 05, 2017

Peru Suana District gold ore dressing production line of the process:

Gold Mine Crushing - Screening - Grinding - Classification - mixing - Flotation - Concentration - Dry Dehydration - Gold Concentrate


1.Broken, milling, mineral processing equipment structure is reasonable

2.cover a small area

3.Investment in high economic efficiency

4.Environmentally friendly and reliable

5.Ore powder production rate is low

Our rod ball mill will be used for the Peruvian gold mine production line:


At the scene of the production workshop:

bar mill.jpg

The rod mills are shipped:


Foreign market case:

1.South Africa Nissan 1000 tons per day gold ore dressing production line project

2.Zambia 200 tons per day copper flotation production line project

3.Tanzania 500 tons per day potassium feldspar mine production line project

4.Peru  500 tons per day copper production line project

5.Indonesia Nissan 3,000 tons per day lead and zinc production line project