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The Introduction Of The Chinese New Year
Feb 09, 2018

Festival origin

Chinese Lunar New Year is called as the Spring Festival. It is the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation, symbolizes the festival of reunification and prosperity and the pinning of new hope for the future. According to records, the Chinese nation had over 4,000 years of history on the Spring Festival.


Festival Diet

1. Rice Cake

Rice Cake implies that everything is good every year and gets better and better year by year.



Eating dumplings is a unique way to express the wish of people to pray for auspiciousness when people say goodbye to old things. Dumpling means older junks. During the Spring Festival, dumplings means blessing Fu Yun(lucky strike). Eating dumplings symbol of wealthy life.


3.Glutinous Rice Balls

It is called as Glutinous Rice Balls in Northern China and called " Sweet Soup Balls” in the Southern China. At Lantern Festival, people will eat Glutinous Rice Balls, which is to take " reunion like moon" auspicious meaning.


4. Spring rolls

Spring rolls is also known as spring cakes. To eat spring cakes at Beginning of Spring is an ancient Chinese custom.



Festival Customs


1. sweep the dust

On the arrival of the Spring Festival, the purpose of sweeping dust is to sweep out all the poor luck and bad luck. When Spring Festival is approaching, every household will clean every corner in the house as well as wash clothes and curtain.


2. Each

Each means Staying-up late on New Year’s Eve. This is one of the most important of Spring festival customs. Each has lasted for a long time.


3. Pay a New Year Call

At Chinese New Year, the younger generation must first give the elders a happy new year wishes” I wish the elders would be longevity and well-being forever”. The elders can present the New Year's red packet prepared in advance to the younger generation. It is said New Year's red packet can suppress the evil spirits. The young people get lucky money and would spend a year in peacetime.


4. The Spring Festival couplets

Every Spring Festival, regardless of city or rural areas, every household should select a red couplet attached to the door to increase the festive atmosphere for the festival.


5.    New Year paintings

New Year paintings are an ancient folk art of our country, reflecting the simple customs and beliefs of the people and pinning their hopes on the future. New Year pictures originated from the "door god” as like the couplets.


6.     Firecrackers

In Chinese folk, there is a "open firecrackers" legend. That is at the dawn of the new year, the first thing of every family members at open the door is to release firecrackers. Over time, people's awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased. Now that fireworks and firecrackers are basically no longer released, the New Year is celebrated in a more environmentally friendly manner.


7.    Watch CCTV Spring Festival Gala Evening

CCTV Spring Festival Gala Evening, often referred to as Spring Festival Gala, generally refers to the variety show held by Chinese CCTV on the occasion of Lunar New Year's Eve every year to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Every New Year's Eve, every household sit together to watch the Spring Festival Gala, enjoying the joy and happiness of the family reunion.


8. Ancestor worship

New Year is the beginning of the year. The first thing is to sacrifice ancestors. The meaning of ancestor worship in the New Year is to chase the sun, to honor the ancestors, and to pray for the ancestors to bless the children and grandchildren for the prosperity and success of all things. It shows the traditional ethical thinking of the Chinese nation. 


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