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Power-saving Tips Of The Ball Mill
May 26, 2017

Power Analysis of Ball Mill:

1.Ball mill's starting instantaneous impact current is very large

2.Too much feed causes overload of motor reducer

3.Grinding with improper ratio

4.The increase in the amount of failure grinding media

5.Speed of the ball mill

6.Bearings, gears, rollers and other friction resistance consumption

7.Journal, bearing construction, transmission and lubrication

8.The drive is faulty, for Cylinder speed decreases,the actual power consumption increases.


power-saving tips of the ball mill:

1.Reduce the feeding size of the ball mill

2.starting frequency conversion , by adjusting the motor speed, it makes the motor output torque , speed and the ball mill process requirements to achieve the best match.

3.Reasonable match with the grinding media

4.Making sure the best loading capacity, the best out of the mold mode, fineness, the best ball mill level

5.Strict control the feed moisture content

6.Daily maintenance and data monitoring must be professional and meticulous