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PEX 250X1000 Fine Jaw Crusher Delivery For Pebble Sand Making Plant
Apr 28, 2018

Jaw Crusher  6.jpg

On April 27,2018, 2 sets of Fine Jaw Crusher PEX 250X1000 with hopper ordered by uses in Zhejiang Province, China were finished and inspected before shipment. Will be used for 350TPD Sand Making Production Line of Pebble.

Due to the relative hardness of pebble, the daily wear will be very fast and seriously if using impact crusher or Hammer crusher. The maintenance period is also shortened so as to affect the capacity. Thus, Fine Jaw Crusher is the most suitable machine for crushing pebbles.

The material will be divided into two sets of PEX 250X1000 Jaw Crusher by hopper at the top, which will enhance the capacity at the first crushing stage as well as saving investment cost. Because large model will be more expensive and the transportation cost will also increase a lot.




Max Feeding Size (mm)

Adjustable Range of Discharge (mm)

Capacity (t/h)

Power (kw)

Weight (t)

Dimension      L*W*H (mm)

PEX 250x1000







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