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Linear Dewatering Vibrating Screen Testing
Aug 15, 2018

The dewatering vibrating screen can be used in many industrial sectors, such as coal preparation, beneficiation, electric power, sugar production, salt production, etc., for dry and wet classification, dewatering, de-intermediation and desliming of medium and fine-grain grade materials.


The linear dewatering vibrating screen produced by our factory has the advantages of large capacity, high vibrating screen.jpgscreening efficiency and low noise. The whole is horizontally installed, the screen is installed at a negative angle, and the vibration frequency is adjusted at any time by the frequency converter.


In addition, the sieve of the dewatering vibrating screen can be used according to the size of the material:

1.Manganese steel braided screen

Good wear resistance, low cost and high permeable screening rate;


2. Punching sieve plate

its material is mostly made of stainless steel or carbon steel or manganese steel, which has a long service life and a slightly low sieving rate.


dewatering.jpg3. In the coal washing process, the sieve plate is a polyurethane sieve plate or a stainless steel sieve plate.

Wear-resistant, high precision mesh and long service life


The selection of the linear vibrating dewatering screen is closely related to the characteristics of the screening material. Before selecting the screen, the characteristics of the material must be fully recognized and then scientifically selected to produce maximum benefit in actual production.


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