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Gold Ore Dressing Production Line
May 20, 2017

Gold ore dressing production line

Flotation is the most extensive mineral processing method for gold concentrates,which commonly used in the treatment of highly volatile sulfide minerals containing gold ore.The flotation process maximizes the enrichment of gold into the sulfide minerals,with Low cost of mineral processing.80% of China's rock gold mine is the use of the process of selection.

flotation cell work site.jpg

Process flow

Gold flotation typically uses a grinding-flotation process,For the kelp grain size uneven ore can be used stage grinding process,China generally adopted a grinding - flotation process, in order to achieve the enrichment of useful minerals。



It will be often adopted a thicker when Gold ore flotation with pulplarge density, coarse particle size ; on the other hand, when the flotation ore with small density, fine size and slime,  thinner slurry, it will be adopted thicker pulp, so that it can guarantee to obtain more high recovery rate. selecting with a more dilute concentration,it  is also conducive to improving the quality of the concentrate.