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Drum Dryer Used In 300 Tons Of Quartz Sand Production Line
May 08, 2017

This set of 2.2 meters in diameter, length 18 meters large drum dryer through intense and orderly production and testing, is about to go to their jobs, located in Sanmenxia Mianchi an annual output of 10 10,000 tons of quartz sand production line project, of which half of the water grinding quartz sand need to go through the drying process, made of quartz sand dry powder, finished products for glass and glass products, bubble soda, chemical, refractory materials, casting and other industries.


 The rotary dryer have been finished to ship



1.Energy saving and environmental protection, the relative cost is low

2.Flow resistance is small

3.Operation to allow large fluctuations in the range, easy to operate large roller dryer equipment

4. Quartz sand raw materials are not perishable, discoloration by using the new technical