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Why does sand making machine always block material?
Mar 01, 2018


The main reasons are as follows:

1, Large material moisture content

If the material is too wet, it may stick to the sand making machine


2, Too hard material or too large the particle size 

When the material is too hard or the broken material is too large, it will be prone to blockage beyond the maximum size of sand making machine


3, Too fast feeding speed

Feeding speed poorly acts in concert with and processing speed. If Fast feed, broken slowly, discharging too late, the device will be prone to overload and lead to the phenomenon of blocking material.


4, InappropriateTriangular belt tension

During the production process, the sand making machine relies on the V-belt transmission of power to the sheave, and then crushes stone. If the triangular belt loose, it will cause slippage, with the sheave rotation rather than driving the sheave. Materials cannot be the normal crushed, won’t be crushed in the crushing chamber and then cause the phenomenon of blocking material.


5, Discharge range is adjusted improperly

In the crushing process, if the material is discharged too slowly, it will cause the subsequent crushing of the finished material accumulation in the discharge port and the crushing chamber, which will result in discharge obstacles.


6, Coordination problem of equipment in production line

For example, the conveying capacity of the conveyor exceeds the breaking capacity, when the conveying capacity of the conveyor does not match with the crushing capacity of the crusher, the material is not crushed timely while the later material enter into the crusher quickly, which will make the blockage to occur


7, Improper manual operation

This is one of the more common reasons for the blocking of sand making machine. Sand making machine operators must be systematically trained to understand and be familiar to equipment before induction, otherwise it will not only result in equipment production capacity is low, but also cause equipment often damage.


8, The device itself problems

The wrong Sand making machine model selection can also cause the blockage in the production process. Thus, please communicate with the technical staff when purchasing, tell them the broken materials, broken size, etc. then select the appropriate machine model.


If your sand making machine is facing the blocking material problem, may wish to check from the above points, timely troubleshooting, improve production efficiency!