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Wear-Resistant Ceramic Lined Grinding Mill Equipment
May 05, 2017

To keep the equipment running continously is the first important thing. Unplanned shutdown must be avoided so as to avoid production loss and to reduce maintenance cost. 

Flexible wear-resistant ceramic protection system is a very useful tool in the struggle for its development and reducing operation cost. Reliable wear-resistant lining is the base to make effective maintenance plan.

Flexible wear-resistant ceramic is a kind of reliable material that can also extend the life the equipment. With this material the frequency of maintenance can be reduced, thus maintenance can follow the schedule and no leakage shall be found. Wear-resistant ceramic material can help design to reduce heat loss for compoments, transfer pipe and lines.
Our Wear-Resistant Ceramic was applied on Loesche vertical mill and 10 years passed it is still in good service condition.