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Use of flocculants or coagulants
Aug 30, 2018


Correct selection and use of flocculants and coagulants are important to improve dewatering effect and reduce production costs.


1. the choice of medicine

In order to achieve the best agglomeration effect, effective and economical flocculant or coagulant should be selected.


1) no impact on product quality, process and environment;

2) small dosage

3) low price

4) wide source;

5) the resulting agglomerates must have a certain strength.


Thickener.jpg2. the solution is prepared

When adding flocculant, it must be formulated into a dilute solution.

According to the amount of addition, the mass fraction is generally 0. l% to 0. 25%, sometimes as low as 0.01%, up to 5% max. After the metering, mix it with the slurry and then add the slurry to the thickener.


3. The ways of adding

There are two ways to add by location:

addition outside the machine and mixing inside the machine.


The addition of flocculant to the ordinary concentrator has the following three addition methods outside the machine:

1) adding to the agitation tank, at which time the floc is strongly stirred;agitation tank.jpg

2) adding it at the pump outlet, then the floc is subjected to the strong impact of the pump discharge; 

3) adding to the mixing chute, the flocs are transported under the flow of the slurry.


The flocs formed by these three methods are all easily damaged by strong action. In order to improve the flocculation effect, it is necessary to increase the amount of flocculant and increase the production cost.

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