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The feature and working principle of rotary Kiln
May 05, 2017

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Key Specifications/Special Features:

1. low energy consumption or energy saving way of calcination

2. reasonable design so that the waste heat can be most effectively reused

3. lime kiln is equipped with dust catcher to filter waste gas and dust to meet the standard of waste gas emission.

4. the fans with realiable performance to guarantee the calcinating condition

5. high automation level

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working principle:
Lime kiln is installed with slope, generally 4-5%. The motor drives the gearwheels to rotate. The materials to be calcinated are put into the feeding port, which is on the higher side. While the lime rotary kiln is rotating, materials go through the cylinder of lime kiln. The cylinder can be divided into four areas: feeding area, preheating area, main calcinating area and cooling area. After going through these four areas, materials are discharged. Generally the discharging port of lime kiln is connected with cooler so that the discharged materials can go to the cooler to lower the temperature.