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The Loading Balls Basic Knowledge of Ball Mill (1st)
Mar 08, 2018

The main function of the ball in the ball mill is to crush the material and also play a certain grinding effect. Therefore, the purpose of grading the ball is to meet these two requirements. Crushing effect directly affects the grinding efficiency, and ultimately affect the ball mill output capacity, whether to meet the crushing requirements depends on the gradation of the steel ball is reasonable, including steel ball size, ball diameter series, a variety of ball proportions, etc. In addition, to determining these parameters, excepting considering ball mill size, internal structure of the ball mill, product fineness requirements and other factors, the characteristics of the material need also considering (easy to wear, grain size, etc.).

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In order to make the material effectively crushed, determining the gradation of the steel ball must follow several principles:

 First of all, the steel ball must have sufficient impact force so that the steel ball has sufficient energy to break up the particulate material, which is directly related to the maximum ball diameter of the steel ball.

Second, the steel ball must have enough impact times on the material, which is related to the ball filling rate and the average ball diameter. When a certain amount of loading, under the premise of ensuring sufficient impact, reducing the diameter of grinding balls as far as possible and increasing the number of balls improve the impact of the number of materials so as to improve the grinding efficiency.

 Finally, the material has sufficient residence time in the mill to ensure that the material is fully crushed, which requires that the equipped steel ball has a certain ability to control the flow rate of the material.


The so-called two-levels matching ball method is to use two kinds of steel balls with different sizes and their diameters are big different. The theoretical basis is that the gap between the big ball will be filled by the small ball, so as to fully improve the ball packing density. In this way, on one hand, the impact capability and the number of impacts of the mill can be increased, which is in line with the functional characteristics of the grinding body; on the other hand, the higher packing density can make the material obtain a certain grinding effect. In the two-levels matching ball method, the big ball is mainly to impact and crush the material. The effect of small ball is to fill the gap between big balls to increase the packing density of grinding body, control the flow rate of materials and increase grinding capacity; the second is the energy transfer function which the impact energy of the big ball is transmitted to the material; thirdly, the coarse particles in the gap are squeezed out and placed in the impact area of the big ball.