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The introduction and beneficiation process of cobalt
Feb 01, 2018

What is the Cobalt Ore?

Cobalt is a very scarce resource of small metals known as "industrial aginomoto" and "industrial tooth" and is one of the important strategic resources. Cobalt Ore is mostly associated with Cu-Co, Ni-Co, Au-Co, and in Pyrite ores. There are very few independent cobalt minerals.


What are the applications of Cobalt in life?

1.Battery material

 The main use of cobalt is the cathode material for lithium batteries, lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2). Lithium cobalt oxide is a solid electrolyte, with high energy density and high environmental safety.


2. Aerospace and modern military fields

If steel contains a certain amount of cobalt, its wear resistance and cutting performance will be significantly improved. The cobalt alloy composition of other metal carbide grains together so that the alloy is with higher toughness and reduce the sensitivity to impact. Carbide containing 50% or more of cobalt does not lose its original hardness even when heated to 1000 ° C. Particularly suitable for the production of high-temperature engines and steam turbines, etc. Therefore, cobalt-based alloys are widely used in aerospace and modern military fields.


3. Cobalt blue pigment

In ceramic paint, if add cobalt, the blue can last renewal forever.


What is the sign of looking for Cobalt Ore?

1. Ultramafic rocks and their oxidized zones containing copper-nickel ore and vanadium-titanium magnetite often contain cobalt-rich mineralization.

2, black rock in the broken fracture zone.

3, manganese-bearing earth can constitute a cobalt-mineral deposits, the ore was black or blue-black, with a jelly structure, nodular or concentric structures, from cobalt, nickel, copper, and limonite composition, was flaky, grape-like, spherical or coral-like.

4, iron, copper, gold and individual lead-zinc ore may constitute associated cobalt ore.

5, the weathering of the old metamorphic shell



Cobalt ore Dressing process

According to different cobalt raw materials, the process will have a slightly different. The main process is flotation and then reduction electrolysis.


Probably the process flow:

Crushing → Grinding →Flotation →Roasting → Leaching → Copper, Iron etc. removal→ Sediment cobalt → Reduction diaphragm electrolysis, etc.