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The world's first super large independent rubidium deposit emerged in China!
Apr 24, 2018

Breakthrough! An important mineral along with rare earths - The world's first super large independent rubidium deposit emerged in China!

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On April 17th, a super large-scale independent rubidium deposit was recently discovered at Tiantangshan, Azabugang Township, Longchuan County, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province. The reserves of the rubidium deposits that have been reviewed and approved by experts from the China Mining Association reached 175,000 tons (more than 2,000 tons belongs to the Large mines).


According to a number of research institutes' beneficiation experiments, the mine is a rare “more easily selected” mine. This is the first independent rubidium deposit that has been proven so far in the world. This is another advantageous mineral discovered in China after the rare earth, marking a historic major breakthrough in the history of ore prospecting.


rubidium 3.jpgRubidium - mineral resources with rare earth shoulder to shoulder

Rubidium is a rare metal. Its hydrides and borides can be used as high-energy solid fuels. It is a strategic emerging material. Its application in the aerospace, energy, and defense industries is expanding, and it has broad application prospects in the civil industrial fields such as glass and ceramics.


According to experts, the elements of Rubidium are lively, low melting point and low boiling point. Using its characteristics, it is possible to convert heat energy directly into electrical energy. “If it becomes reality, it will bring about a great revolution in power generation technology and energy utilization.”

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