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The Common Faults and Solutions of Ball Mill (3rd)
Apr 20, 2018

9, gear bearing vibration, excessive noise, accompanied by a crash

 Cause of Failure:

1)Loose bearing cap or bearing seat bolts;

2) The bearing wear is too large;

3) poor bearing installation;

4) excessive gear wear, dirty or lack of lubricant oil;

5) Inadequate gear meshing, large radial or axial runout of the gearwheel;

6) loose gear bolts or loose bolts;

7) Gear machining accuracy is not satisfactory;

8) Loose or abradable ring bolts of hollow shaft bearing blocks or transmission bearing blocks;

9) Coupling bolt loose or apron wear.


Solution:Ball Mill (25).jpg

1) fastening bolts;

2) replacement of bearings;

3) Bearing alignment adjustment;

4) repair or replace gears and enhance lubrication;

5) Adjust the gear;

6) fastening bolts;

7) repair or replacement;

8) Fasten bolts or replace aprons;

9) Fasten or replace.


10, oil pressure is too high or too low in lubrication system

Cause of Failure:

1) Oil Tubing blockage or oil leakage;

2) Insufficient oil supply;

3) Problems with the oil pump.



1) Check whether the fuel pipe is clogged or leaking, and check or replace the oil pipe in time;

2) Timely refueling;

3) Check whether the oil pump enters into air or oil, and deal with it in time.


11, the ball mill cannot start or the motor overload when starting

Cause of Failure:

1) Problems with the motor system;

2) Obstructions in the rotating part;

3) When the machine stops for a long time, the material and grinding medium in the ball mill are not removed in time, and the moisture material condenses into a block. When the machine is started, the grinding medium does not drop and the motor load is increased.



1) Check and repair the motor system;

2) Clean the obstacles in rotary parts;

3) The material and the grinding medium in the ball mill are cleaned, the agglomerated material and part of the grinding medium are cleaned out, and the remaining material and the grinding body are agitated and mixed.


12, Gear wear too fast

Cause of Failure

1) Poor lubrication or oil mixed with impurities, metals, etc.;

2) The meshing gap is too large or too small, and the contact is bad;

3) Gear machining quality is not satisfactory;

4) The material is not good; the hardness of the tooth surface is not enough;

5) poor assembly;

6) Into the ore and other abrasive particles between the teeth.CIMG0752.JPG



1) Strengthen the use of rheology or replace oil;

2) Adjust the meshing clearance;

3) Strict control of the processing and elimination of unsatisfactory parts;

4) conditioning treatment;

5) Re-adjustment;

6) Perform cleaning.


13, Mill vibration, axial turbulence abnormal

Cause of Failure:

1) Local subsidence of the foundation floor of the machine resulted in uneven installation of the mill;

2) The bottom of the foundation erodes due to oil leakage and the bottom bolt loosens.



1) Shut down the machine and adjust the subsidence part by adding pad to make the machine ground level.

2) Destroy the secondary grouting layer that has been eroded by oil and reburied the anchor bolts. Then adjust the grinding machine and tighten the anchor bolts.

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