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The Common Faults and Solutions of Ball Mill (2nd)
Apr 20, 2018

5, the ball mill operating sound dull, ammeter readings drop, less discharge

Cause of Failure:

1) Excessive filling material and large particle size;

2) The material moisture is large and the grate are blocked;

3) The length of each bin is unreasonable because the grinding body is improperly filled, or the bin is out of adjustment.


1) reduce the filling material, reduce input size;IMG_9531.JPG

2) Reduce the moisture of the material and clean the grate;

3) Adjust the grinding compound ratio and the length of each bin.


6, reducer bearing heat, abnormal operating sound

 Cause of Failure:

1) The exhaust hole of the reducer is blocked;

2) The balance wheel and the intermediate wheel of the reducer are not installed according to the specified meshing teeth.


1) Test temperature of the reducer bearing; clear the exhaust hole;

2) The balance wheel and the intermediate wheel are installed according to the specified meshing teeth.


7, the main bearing temperature is too high, hot, smoke or melting

Cause of Failure:

1) interruption of oil supply or lack of oil;

2) Poor oil or sand grains, debris etc. in the bearing;

3) The main bearing installation is uneven;

4) The cylinder shaft is curved;

5) The oil groove is too deep and the pad is in contact with the shaft so that the oil does not reach the inside of the tile;

6) Failure of oil supply device, interruption or shortage of fuel supply;

7) Unsatisfied bearing clearance and poor contact with the shaft;

8) The viscosity of the lubricant is not qualified;

9) Coupling installation is not correct;

10) Main bearing cooling water is insufficient or cooling water temperature is high.


1) Cooling heat, then stop grinding to check and adjust, increase the amount of oil;

2) Cleaning, replacement of new oil;

3) Adjust the leveling;


4) Adjust and correct;

5) inspection, repair, adjustment;

6) Maintenance oil supply device;

7) Adjust the gap, scrape the bearing or repair the journal;

8) Replace the lubricant with suitable viscosity;

9) Adjust and correct;

10) Increase water supply. Or reduce the temperature of the water supply.


8, the local wear of cylinder

Cause of Failure:

1) The liner is not dislocated;

2) The ball mill continues to run after liners fall off;

3) There is material scouring between the liner and the cylinder.


1) staggered installation of the liner;

2) repair or replace the liner;

3) Fit the liner and cylinder tightly.

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