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Spiral Classifier
May 09, 2017

Key Specifications/Special Features:

It can be classified into single and double spiral types by to the spiral quantity; and into high weir and sinking types by different depth of spinning blade dipping into overfall surface. The former can be used in classification of ore with overflow granularity 0.83-0.15mm, and the latter in classification of ore with overflow granularity 0.15-0.07mm.

1.This classifier adopts sealing immersed bearing.

2. Independent hoisting equipment with strong reshipment power

3. Wearable liner of bolt installed to prolong the service life.

4. Cell body in long and narrow shape can reach a good mixing effect and prolong the suspension time of materials.

5.Single spiral and double spiral type can be selected in line with your actual need.

Spiral classifier adopts the principle that the settling rate of solid grain is different because of its different size and different proportion. The fine ore grains float in the water and drain out with overflow, the coarse ore grains sink in the bottom of chute. The spiral classifier filters the grain and powder that are grinded from the grinder, and then the spiral pieces rotate the coarse materials into the feeding mouth of grinder, the filtered fine materials are discharged from the overflow pipe.