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Preparation of flotation reagent
Aug 01, 2018


The flotation agent is properly formulated before use, which plays an important role in improving the efficacy. The preparation method is mainly determined according to the nature of the medicament. The following methods are commonly used:


1, Formulated into an aqueous solution

Most water-soluble agents are used in this way, usually in 5% to 10% or more dilute aqueous solutions. The solution should not be too thin. If too thin, the volume will be too large; but it should not be too concentrated. If the concentration is too large, it is difficult to control the dosage correctly and it is not convenient to transport.


2, adding solvent to prepare

Some insoluble or poorly soluble agents can be added to a special solvent and added again. For example, the dissolution of oleic acid into kerosene can enhance its dispersion in the slurry and enhance the recovery of oleic acid; the white drug can be dissolved in o-toluidine and used.


3, the emulsification methodflotation reagent.jpg

The fatty acid collector and diesel oil can be emulsified to increase their dispersion in the pulp and improve the efficiency. Commonly used emulsification methods are: strong mechanical agitation, steaming or ultrasonication, if the emulsifier is added, the effect is better. For example, tall oil and diesel oil can be added with emulsifier - alkyl aryl sulfonate. Many surface-active substances can be used as emulsifiers.


4, Saponification

Fatty acid collectors are commonly prepared by this method. For example, during the iron ore flotation, oxidized paraffin soap and tall oil are often used as collectors. In order to improve the water solubility, about 10% sodium carbonate can be added to make the tall oil saponified, and added with hot water to heat the hot soap. Another example is oleic acid, which has poor water solubility, but after reacting with sodium carbonate to form sodium oleate, the water solubility is improved.


5, Formulated as a suspension or emulsion

For example, lime can be added with water to grind into lime milk.


6, Acidification

When a cationic collector (amine) is used, it is necessary to add hydrochloric acid or acetic acid to form an amine salt because of poor water solubility, and it can be dissolved in water.


7, the original liquid is added

Some of the agents have little solubility in water, and it is difficult to formulate a true solution or a stable emulsion, such as pine oil, cresol black, kerosene, etc., without having to prepare a solution, but directly adding the stock solution according to the amount.

For the preparation method of the water-soluble medicament, the medicament is generally dissolved in a container with a small amount of water, and after being dissolved, the water is gradually added to a desired concentration.

 flotation agent.jpg

At the production site, for the convenience of preparation, a scale with a marked volume can be engraved on the dispensing tank, and a known dose of the medicament can be placed in the tank, and water is added to the position indicated by the scale to the concentration, and the mixture is stirred until completely. Dissolve and ready to use.


Whether the concentration of the drug reaches the standard can be measured by a densitometer.