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Planetary ball mills working principle
May 28, 2017

Ball mill usage and application

The Ball mill is widely applied in mineral classification, cement, chemical industry, and more
It can grind all kinds of rocks and grindable materials.
This ball mill has two ways of grinding: the dry process and wet process.
Our ball mill has been increased about 20% and unit product power consumption has been reduced 10%-12% down.

Working principle:

Ball mill is a horizontal crown rotating device, extension gear transmission, materials evenly enter from the feed device through compound-into-air shaft screw into first mill barn.

It is equipped with ladder steel plate or corrugated liner, built in different specifications of steel balls, centrifugal force rotating cylinder produces brings steel ball to a certain height and falls, pounding and abrading on materials.

After coarse grinding in the first barn, materials enter into the second barn by single compartment, which is lined with flat plate, builds in balls, putting the materials to further grind.

Powder is discharged through the discharging board operator to complete the grinding operation.