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Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant/Portable Crushing and Screening Equipment
May 04, 2017

Basic Info

  • Type:Mobile Crusher

  • Motor Type:AC Motor

Product Description




Mobile crushing plant has the absolute advantage than the average crushing equipment.In fact, mobile crushing station was first used in the cement industry is gradually appear in the application in mining industry. Mobile crushing plant produced by us, has excellent crushing capacity in crushing mines, in addition to mining, processing efficiency of mobile crushing station construction waste is amazing, truly a place recycling of waste resources, can move close any processing sites, reducing transportation costs and secondary pollution, can produce a variety of recycled aggregate in the form of a combination of several mobile devices, there is a feature that, in the absence of power supply, mobile crushing station can also use diesel-driven, truly dual, solving the problem what user might encounter.


Mobile Crushing And Screening Plant/Portable Crushing And Screening Equipment is the first mobile construction waste disposal equipment in China, with high flexibility, adaptability and other characteristics, able to achieve on-site materials operations, significantly reduce the transportation and handling charges. For mobile crushers station, its promotional work has only just began, only depth to popularize the use of mobile crushers station, construction waste can be achieved completely harmless, reduction processing can be environmentally green development into reality.



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