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Manufacture of Grinding Equipment
May 04, 2017

Product Detail

Working Principle of Ball Mill Machine: 

Ball mill machine is horizontal cylindrical rotation device,driving by brim gearwheel. There are two chambers and grid. Materials are put into the first chamber through the feeding inlet. In the chamber,there are liners and balls with different specifications according to fineness of discharged materials. The rotation of  ball mill machine shell can generate eccentricity. This force brings ball to a certain height and then balls drop down by gravity to impose force on the materials. After the primary grinding in the first chamber, materials goes into the second chamber through seggregation screen. In the second chamber of ball mill machine, there are also flat liners and balls. After the secondary grinding, materials are discharged through the outlet and screen.



1.strong adaptability

2.continuous produce

3.broken rate large

4.easy to adjust the product grinding fineness



This series products are mainly used in grinding cement finished products and raw materials and also suited to metallurgical, chemical, electricity etc other industrial mining enterprises and other grinding various ore materials.

This machine can be used to open stream grinding and also circle stream grinding which composed with separator flow.  It can not only produce with wet type, but also can grind and dry simultaneously.