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Maintenance standards
Jul 22, 2016

1, two bearing working surface on the base in the same horizontal plane, Center distance tolerance 1mm, longitudinal centre lines are not parallel misalignment 0.5mm, transverse centerline deviation per metre 0.5mm.

Bell Horn 2, spherical contact surface evenly; not less than 1--2 per 50 x 50mm2 hollow shaft and Watts contact surfaces should be 90 °--100 ° per square inch at least 2 o'clock, both sides of the shaft and the bearing clearance is approximately equal to.

3, cylinders flange and front end cover with surface should be to ensure a good contact, no extra gaskets, two different hollow shaft of shaft tolerance is less than 0.8mm. Large gear ring and cylinder end cap Assembly correction, should be strong enough thrust, a good pin, radial swing less than 0.5mm of the ring gear, axial eccentricity less than 0.84mm.

4, the liner should be installed when you install end caps, starting at cylinder liners from the population, requested by the Assembly, the screws to put down, not leaking. Rubber lining combined with no gap, gap to be blocked with a sponge.