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Labor Day Holiday Notice
Apr 28, 2018

Workers' Strike In Chicago.jpg

International Labor Day or May Day, also known as International Labor Day, Labor Day, is the Labor Day in most countries in the world.

It originated from the workers’ strike in Chicago, USA. To commemorate this great workers’ movement,the 2nd International Conference of Inauguration in 1889 announced that May 1 of each year was designated as International Labor Day.


International Labor Day is coming. Our company will rest for three days from April 29th to May 1st and resume normal work on May 2nd. 

During the holiday period, any questions, please kindly contact us as follwoing way:

1. send email: sales@hnxykj.com

2. Chat online: Skype (judy496303889) 

                       WhatsApp (+86 15838136939) 

Happy Labor Day! Everyone!

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