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How to effectively control the grinding fineness?
Aug 04, 2018

How to effectively control the fineness of grinding is an important factor to directly reduce costs and improve economic efficiency. First of all, should fully understand the influencing factors of grinding fineness.

1, Ore hardnessCrusher.jpg

 It can be rationally blended, and the ore size can be made as uniform as possible, and the ratio of bulk and powder minerals should be reasonable and stable. In addition, in feeding port of the ball mill, it should be noted whether it is likely to leak ore. Most of the leaked minerals are powder ore. This leaked powder ores should be added to the ball mill as soon as possible. If it is stacked for a long time and added in a concentrated manner. It will cause uneven grinding of the ball mill and cause unstable production. Especially the ore which is difficult to select, the properties of powder minerals and block minerals are not often the same


2, Crushing particle size

Workers must supervise the crushing system. If the particle size into the ball mill changes during production, it must be feedback to the crushing workshop immediately. Finally, the finer the particle size, the finer the better.


3, Ball mill model, speed, ore amount, number of steel balls, steel ball size

 Pay attention on these detailed information when purchasing.

 Ball Mill.jpg

4, The lifting height of spiral classifier main shaft

 For some ore dressing plant, the worker has not cleaned the ore in the classifier after the overhauling the equipment. Under the long-term sinking, the mud sinks more. When the main shaft of classifier is lowered, the main shaft is not completely lowered due to worker’s carelessness, which results in less sand than normal. Besides, if the main shaft is not lowered, it may be because the main shaft has not been cleaned and oiled for a long time, so it need paying more attention to it during the operation.


5, Screw blade wear of the classifier

After the screw blade is worn, the amount of sand return is reduced, which causes the grinding fineness to become thicker. In addition, if the screw blade wears badly, the life of the classifier will be affected. Therefore, check Screw blade wear at any time and replace in time.


6, The height of the overflow weir of a classifier

It affects the size of the sedimentation area of the ore. In the production, we can adjust the level of the overflow of the classifier according to the requirements of the fineness of the grinding. If the fineness of the grinding is required to be fine, the angle iron with certain height can be welded on both sides of the classifier to adjust the overflow weir height of the classifier by inserting the wooden wrench. Sometimes, the long-term accumulation of the slime can naturally increase the height of the overflow weir.


7, The height and size of Upper and lower opening of the classifier

During the installation, if the opening size of the classifier is not adjusted well, it also affects the grinding operation.Classifier.jpg


8, Water flow at the returning sand place

When the grinding automation has not been realized in mine plant, the amount of water is directly adjusted by manual. Due to the water flow is difficult to see the increase and decrease, have to detailed observe and according adjustment if need.


9, Water supply of ball mill

When the water supply increases, the concentration becomes thinner, and the grinding fineness becomes thicker. On the contrary, the water supply decreases, the concentration becomes larger, and fineness becomes finer.


grinding fineness.jpg10. How much flushing water is at the discharge port of the ball mill

The flushing water becomes larger, the overflow becomes thinner and the overflow fineness becomes finer. On the contrary, the flushing water becomes smaller, it becomes thicker, and the fineness is thicker. Therefore, when other conditions including the amount of minerals don’t change, to improve the fineness of grinding, the water supply can be reduced, and the flushing water at the discharge port of ball mill is increased. It is best to adjust these two conditions at the same time so as to ensure smaller fluctuation of the flotation is caused because of adjusted grinding fineness and ore amount change. Under making sure the grinding fineness, the feeding amount into ball mill will be greatly increased.