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General requirements for flotation machine type selection
Jun 19, 2018

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The choice of flotation equipment, in addition to considering the performance and characteristics of the equipment, must also be compatible with the nature of the ore, the size of the beneficiation plant, and the nature of the flotation operations. The selection of flotation machine generally requires the following:


1. The coarse sweeping operations of large and medium-sized concentrators should generally use mechanically agitated or inflated mechanical stirring flotation machines.

When the ore is easy to be selected and the required aeration is not large, mechanical agitation flotation machines, such as XJQ type, JJF type, SF type or SF-JJF type flotation machine, should be selected;

For more difficult ore selection and when the required aeration is large, an aerated mechanical stirring flotation machine, such as CHF-X type, BS-K type, XJC type flotation machine and BS-K type, KYF type, XCF- KYF type combination flotation machine, should be selected. The latter three types of flotation machines are particularly suitable for flotation of coarse-grained, large-density minerals.


2. the selected operation and the thick foam layer, does not require a large amount of air, generally can use the flotation machine with a smaller amount of air.flotation machine 3.jpg


3. For small concentrators, in order to reduce auxiliary equipment, facilitate equipment configuration, and facilitate operation and maintenance, mechanical agitation flotation machines with self-priming pulp capacity are generally available.


4. When determining the number of floatation tanks, attention should be paid to preventing the slurry from “short-circuiting”. The number of cells for each row of rough sweeping operations is generally not less than 8 cells


5. In order to save the capital and production costs and reduce the floor area, large-scale flotation equipment should be used as much as possible, but it must be compatible with the size of the concentrator or the production capacity of the series.


6. When using flotation columns, it must be based on a certain amount of experimental research.

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