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Frequent problems in flotation machine operation and solutions
Apr 08, 2018

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1. There is a crash sound on the wheel cover of the flotation machine. The cover plate and upper and lower sleeve screws must be tightened to adjust the clearance.

2. The current of the flotation machine increases and the motor heats up. It can check whether the motor runs in a single operation, whether the cover plate or the pulp return pipe is detached, and if it has fallen off, it needs to be tightened.

3. Floatation machine bearing heat or sound is not normal, probably because of bearing wear or fracture, or lack of oil.

4. Floater liquid level turning, check if the installation of the cover is flat, the gap is uniform and the cover is damaged.

5. The slurry in the intermediate chamber does not flow. Repair the tank wall to avoid leakage or replace the impeller cover plate.

6. The inspiratory capacity of the flotation machine is too small, which may be caused by excessive clearance between the water wheel and the plate cover, blockage of the suction pipe, or excessive circulation of the slurry. 

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