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Flotation Machine Maintenance Method
Sep 04, 2018

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1. The working capacity and working period of the flotation machine are determined by the maintenance and the normal work of all the main parts. All the working parts should be carefully inspected each 3 to 4 months, and the new flotation machine needs be checked frequently during the first few months of work.


2. Only qualified personnel can carry out inspections.


Maintenance.jpg3. In order to replace the wear parts in time to reduce the downtime, a full set of wearing parts must be kept in the warehouse. Should determine the use time and reserves quantity of wear parts according to the actual situation.


4. It is necessary to ensure that the operator of the flotation machine has certain technical guidance or training, and be fully familiar with the machine.


5. In order to prevent dirt and useless substances from being mixed into the oil, there should be a filter when filling the oil. When the flotation machine is working, the oil cover should be sealed.


6. After starting,  make sure the correct process before and after and then can start.

7. The order of starting machine is: turn on the switch and then press the start button.impeller.jpg


8. During running, strictly forbidden to touch the rotating part by hand.

The machine is suitable for the selection of Non-ferrous metal and ferrous metals, and can also be used for the selection of non-metal such as coal fluorite and talc. The flotation machine drives the impeller to rotate by the motor and V-belt, and generates centrifugal force to form a negative pressure. On the one hand, the air is mixed with the slurry, and on the other hand, the slurry is mixed with the medicine while the foam is refined to make the mineral bond to the foam, float to the pulp surface and then form mineralized foam. Adjust the height of the shutter and control the liquid level so that the useful foam is scraped off by the scraper.

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