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Flotation machine installation and daily maintenance (2nd)
Jun 27, 2018

Second, the operating points and daily maintenance of stirring flotation machine

(A) During the operation of the equipment, inspect the temperature rise of the bearings and scraper bearings of the patrol inspection mixing mechanism, shall not exceed 25°C, and the temperature rise of the motor bearings shall not exceed the allowable value.Flotatin Machine2.jpg


(B) When there is abnormal noise in the rotor body, the gap between the stator and the rotor, the main shaft bearing, the transmission tape, and the fixing part of rotor should be inspected, and the abnormal problem should be handled and replaced.


(C) Stator guide vanes and the bottom steady flow plates are easily worn under high-velocity slurry erosion and should be inspected and replaced promptly.


(D) The fastening bolts in the tank body are easily detached under the impact of high-speed pulp and may cause the stator to sink. They must be inspected and replaced in time for each shift.


(E) When the scraping rate of the foaming mechanism is reduced, check whether the oil-resistant rubber sheet is damaged, and adjust and replace it in time.


(F) When the squeegee mechanism vibrates or swings, check whether the drive shaft has cracks and whether the couplings are disengaged


(G) Impeller inspection. When the wear of impeller diameter exceeds 10%, there are holes or cracks, it should be replaced in time.


(H) Lubrication

1, Reducers of the mixing mechanism and the foaming mechanism should be changed oil once every 3 months.

2. The spindle bearing of the stirring mechanism is filled with oil once a month.

3. The oil bearing of the squeegee mechanism should be refueled once a day.

 Flotatin Machine1.jpg

(I) The feeding amount and feeding concentration should be kept stable, the dosing system should be reasonable, the air intake volume of the hollow shaft and the sleeve should be adjusted properly, the liquid level of floatation tank should be adjusted, and the scraper blade should not be wiped.


(J) Stop feeding before parking. When the parking time is too long, the ore discharge valve should be opened to empty the slurry to prevent sedimentation of the bottom sludge and block the pipeline.


(K) Always check whether the operation of the liquid level automatic control device is reliable and whether the liquid level reference value is appropriate.


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