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Flotation machine installation and daily maintenance (1st)
Jun 26, 2018

First, stirring flotation machine installation and commissioningFlotatin Machine2.jpg


(A) The tank of Stirring flotation machine

1. Installation sequence:

First, install the head tank body;

Then, install the middle tank body;

And finally install the tail tank body;


2. Before the installation of the tank, use a horizontal plotter to measure the horizontal deviation of the base seat. After the tank is installed on the foundation, overflow the two sides of each tank into the same level, and use the level ruler to find the difference between the different tanks. , And with different thickness of the plate to make the machine in the length direction and width direction horizontally consistent, the total deviation in the length direction should not exceed 3-5mm. For the material inlet, the tank body and the tank body, the tank body and the mine box connection, all parts must not leak, and then fasten the bolts of the body parts.


(B) The stirring mechanism of Stirring flotation machine

1. The hollow shaft and the impeller should be installed securely. The impeller should be perpendicular to the hollow shaft and must not move up and down.

2, the impeller should be centered with the bottom center hole, the deviation is not more than 3mm.

3. The stator guide vanes are aligned with the steady flow plates on the bottom and must not be staggered.

Flotatin Machine3.jpg4. The radial and axial clearance between the impeller and the stator should be between 7-9mm. In the installation, the clearance can be measured from the outer diameter of the impeller at three equal distances. The axial clearance is adjusted by the adjustment pad. .

5. The installation of the transmission belt should be moderate. Before installing the V-belt, firstly install small and big pulleys on the motor and the stirring shaft to be suitable. After leveling, place the V-belt into the pulley groove to adjust the center distance and tension the V-belt. Rotating motor continues to adjust the V-belt so that the loose edge is slightly bowed when driven with a load.

6, install the wheel safety cover of v-belt; the safety cover legs should be securely inserted into the socket.

7, check the rotation direction of the motor; the clockwise rotation of the impeller, the stirring mechanism should be flexible, no jamming phenomenon.


(C) Scraper Mechanism of Stirring Flotation Machine

1. Install the scraper shaft, scraper frame, scraper rubber, and make the scraper shaft rotate, the gap between the scraper rubber plate and the overflow port is consistent, no more than 5mm; The rear slot squeegee and the front slot screed are staggered by 30° in sequence.

2. The center of the scraper shaft is on the same straight line, and the deviation of the coaxiality of two adjacent axes is not more than 0.8mm.


(D) Liquid level control mechanism of Stirring flotation machine

Fix the liquid surface adjustment mechanism, which enables the mechanism to be raised and lowered in a manual or automatic operation state and is within the lifting range of the design requirements.


(E) The installation of the gate mechanism shall ensure that the gate plate is lifted up and down without any leakage.


(F) The installation of the ore-releasing mechanism shall ensure that the handwheel rotates flexibly.Flotatin Machine1.jpg


(G) After the flotation machine is installed, various greases shall be injected into each lubrication point according to the design requirements, and the foreign objects such as bolts and cotton cloth dropped into the tank during the installation shall be cleaned.


(H) Fill the water up to the overflow, check the installation level of the tank and whether there is any leakage under the stirring mechanism is not activated.


(I) After the inspection is normal, start the motor, run the load for 8 hours, check the motor current status and the heating conditions of each part. If there is no abnormality, the operation can be added.