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Dry Ball Mill/Ball Mill for Aluminium Powder
May 09, 2017

Product Description

Small Ball Mill for Sale/Dry Ball Mill/Ball Mill for Aluminium Powder

Description of dry ball mill:

Dry ball mill is a cylinder, out of the hollow shaft and grinding head and other parts of the horizontal composition of the cylinder as long cylinder, cylinder with grinding, cylinder is of steel manufacturing, are steel cylinder liner and fixed grinding body is generally steel spheres, according loaded with different diameters and a certain percentage of a drum, grinding steel segment can also be used. Be selected according to the particle size of the abrasive material, the material from the mill feed end of the hollow shaft into the cylinder body, when the ball cylinder rotation when grinding body due to inertia and centrifugal force, the role of friction, it is attached to the cylinder liner He was taken away by the barrel, when the time was taken to a certain height, due to its own gravity has been thrown down, falling like a projectile, like grinding the cylinder body to the crushed material.

Working principle of dry ball mill:

Dry ball mill is a horizontal rotating device transmitted by the outer gear. The materials are transferred to the grinding chamber through the quill shaft averagely. There are ladder liner and ripple liner and different specifications of steel balls in the chamber. The centrifugal force caused by rotation of barrel brings the steel balls to a certain height and impact and grind the materials. The ground materials are discharged through the discharging board thus the grinding process is finished. 

Dry ball mill structure: Contained feeding system, the discharging system, the transmission system(speed reducer, small transmission gear, electrical machinery, electric control) & etc. 

Main features of dry ball mill:
1. Large application range, simple structure and convenient maintenance.
2. Large capacity and continuous work are very obvious.
3. Barrel lining and grinding media can apply various abrasive materials.
4. Installation and adjustment are very convenient and easy to be operated.