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The design method improving twice the efficiency for crushing production line!
Jun 15, 2018

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Reasonable mine production line design can make full use of space and make production smoother.


Mine production line design guidelines:

First, try to rationally arrange the production line so that the process can be controlled, smooth and convenient.


Second, jaw crusher, cone crusher and other power-consuming machine layout as close as possible to the power distribution room and the main control room, this can not only save cable, but also reduce line loss.


Third, the proposed master control room close to the unit, built two floors, the lower level as repair room and tool room, the upper level as the main control, easy to grasp the unit operating conditions at any time.

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Six key points of mine production line design as follows:

1. Based on the size of the stone and the output of the finished product, determine the rough-breaking model (generally speaking, the jaw crusher or gyratory crusher is often used). When selecting a crushing equipment, it is necessary not only to meet the requirements for crushing production, but also to meet the requirements for the largest block (grain size) of the quarry supply wool.


2, according to the clay content of the stone, to determine whether the feeder will output the wasting material.


3, for the continuity of the production line, it is recommended to do the middle silo. The advantage is that each segment can be produced separately. It will not affect the normal production of the back-production line due to the maintenance, repair, and maintenance of the front-end machinery and equipment. It can also achieve time-sharing production and reasonably use peak-valley electricity prices to save production costs to some extent.


4. According to the grain-type requirement of the finished product, it is determined whether the intermediate silo is placed on the second stage of crushing (cone crusher) or on the second stage of crushing (cone crusher). When the site requirements are met, it is recommended to make two intermediate silos.


5. Determine the vibrating screen model according to the performance of the second-stage crushing (cone crusher) and the output capacity of the finished product. It is recommended that the vibrating screen be as large as possible. 

(1) The sieving will be relatively clean and the efficiency of the crusher is improved.

(2) reduce the load of the vibrating screen, the service life is longer.


6. If the site requirements are met, it is recommended to make finished product silos, which can not only improve the efficiency of loading, but also reduce costs.


In addition, the selection of equipment must fully consider the matching of the technical parameters between the crushers at all levels, so that not only can ensure the maximum quality of the product particle size, but also well meet the requirements of the best crushing ratio of various types of crushers.