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Daily Maintenance Precautions for impact plate and Other Accessories of Impact Crusher
Aug 13, 2018

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The Impact Plate is an important wear part of the impact crusher. When wearing and aging, the resistance to attack of liners decreases, which often causes the plate to be shot down, and the sealing performance of crushing chamber decreases, resulting in much dust. In order to avoid such problems of impact crusher, the following problems should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of impact crusher:


1. Check if the connecting screws of the impact crusher are tight.impact working..jpg

Since the impact crusher will generate vibration during operation, the connection screw of the impact crusher will loosen after a long time, which will reduce the efficiency of crushers and will also cause a production accident and personal injury to the operator if it is too serious. Therefore, before the start-up, the connection screw of the impact crusher should be tightened and checked.


2.Regularly check the impact crusher plate.

The plate of crusher is generally used to protect the crusher. If the wear is serious, it will damage the crusher shell, so it is necessary to often check the wear of impact plate.


3. Check the balance of the impact crusher rotor

If the wear of the impact crusher hammer is not consistent, it will affect the balance of the rotor, Therefore, after the crusher runs for a period of time, should make some adjustments on the hammer to ensure the balance of the impact crusher rotor.


4. Stop the crusher immediately when an accident occurs.

impact crusher.jpgIf the impact crusher meets an unpredictable accident during the operation, must cut off the power supply at the first time and stop immediately. For example, the shock of the impact crusher suddenly intensifies, and the bearing temperature suddenly rises sharply.


The impact crusher is widely used, and the applicable material hardness range is wide, so the working scene of the impact crusher can be seen in many occasions. In order to ensure the service life of the impact crusher, the user should always maintain the machine. If you need professional technical solutions or the customized wear parts, welcome to consult us “Zhengzhou Zhongjia Heavy Industry Co., Ltd”. We own the rich experience on production and scientific professional technical team to provide you with the best quality products and services.