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Correct procedure
Jul 22, 2016

1, before opening a device, we first need to check the lubricating condition between mechanical parts, after all preparations have been complete, start of ball mill discharge device, ball mill main power supply, and finally start feeding device.

2, within the material into the box, you first need to check the installed the steel spheres in a tank is set up, the number is appropriate. 3, after the opening ball, you must first try to empty it turns to ensure body and mechanical parts between the contact surfaces are sealed, lubricated after good, began operations. 4, moreover, mill starts, is in line with other jobs staff jobs, operate the machine after staff members are required to see the corresponding command signal, can take place. 5, it is important to identify items and after feed stopped, close the discharge opening. 6, equipment maintenance work to achieve timely, reasonable and comprehensive. After the mill stop functioning altogether, need to be carefully cleaned casing grinding media, extending the life of machinery and equipment, lower industry costs.