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Copper Ore Flotation Machine/Iron Ore Flotation Cell
May 10, 2017

Product detail:

Flotation machine has the important role in the mineral processing methods, a wide range of application. Can not only processing non-ferrous metal minerals such as copper, lead, zinc, molybdenum, cobalt, tungsten, antimony, etc., can also handle non-metallic minerals such as graphite, barite, fluorite, apatite, feldspar, talc, etc. At the same time also can deal with black metal minerals such as hematite, manganese, titanium ore, etc. Compared with other separation methods, the flotation machine flotation separation efficiency is relatively high, it can chose a very lean ore into high grade concentrates, which greatly enlarged the scope of mineral resources, make some people used to think that the development of low grade deposit into deposit of industrial value.


How to Ensure the Quality of Iron Ore Flotation Cell/Copper Ore Flotation Machine?

(1) It is different of the surface and deep sampling. Generally the surface suffered form the world environment pollution, low grade sometimes is a normal phenomenon. In order to obtain a representative sample of iron mirror, it should take sample not less than 5 points from the plane and the vertical plane by the sampling method, then mixing, division to ensure the accuracy of ore samples, the deeper the iron containing higher and lower Ti, should make a conclusion on enough samples analyzing.

(2) Separation the iron and titanium. First, should make phase analysis of the ferrotitanium mineral, i.e. the percentage of magnetite, hematite, limonite and ilmenite, anatase content, and particle size distribution. Ferrotitanium separation with magnetic and electrical separation of general joint operation of titanium can be reduced to below 1%. The average thickness of the ore veins of 3.5 meters, the average grade of 2.31 grams of tons, this group of lodes submitted the gold resources amounted to 67.22 tons, in one fell swoop to achieve the prospecting of important breakthroughs, to show a good prospecting foreground.