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Copper sulfide ore separation method
Feb 10, 2018

The separation methods of copper and sulfur depend on the nature of the ore. There are two main methods.


1) Preferential flotation: 

suitable for dense lump ore, Cu and S can be fully monomer dissociation under the coarse-grained granularity conditions.  

Order: Sulfur suppression, the first flotation of copper


2) Mixed Flotation: 

It is suitable for the close combination of Cu and S in the ore. The aggregate size of Cu and S is coarse, while the granularity of the monomer is finer. To get the qualitied tailings first by mixed flotation, then grind the Cu and S mixed concentrate and then remove the reagent, re-election separation.



The collector of Cu is xanthate or black drug. Lime is used as a pH regulator and a inhibitor of iron mineral, if necessary, add cyanide to help inhibit.

Activator: only lime is inhibited, activated by sulfuric acid and sodium carbonate to generate the calcium sulfate and calcium sulfate and then analyze the adsorption of Ca on mineral surface; with cyanide inhibition to activate by sulfuric acid and copper sulfate.