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Several common mistakes about the short lifespan of the screen mesh
Jan 18, 2019

vibrating screen

The screen is the main component of the vibrating screen. It is directly in contact with the screened material during the production process. It can classify materials of different particle sizes. It is the main wearing part of the vibrating screen, but due to the reasons on improper material selection and operation, which would cause the phenomenon that the screen is damaged too quickly.

Then what are the reasons for the shortened life of screen?


1. The screen tension is insufficient

The screen is generally rolled up during the manufacturing, transportation and storage process. The transverse steel wire of the screen is a plurality of beams subjected to bending loads, the inner side is under compressive stress and the outer side is subjected to tensile stress. These curved internal stresses are not eliminated when the screen is mounted on the screen frame, and a portion of the screen tension is used to overcome the bending stress generated by the screen steel wire to straighten the screen. After the screen is used for a period of time, there will be slack, resulting in insufficient tension and serious stress concentration, as well as the secondary vibration will occur. The screen steel wire will be repeatedly bent and the plasticity will become smaller and smaller, resulting in the steel wire is brittle fracture and the screen will break from the middle. Even if it does not break, during the use, the load of the cuttings will increase, the mesh material will yield, and the screen will be partially sunken and piled up, which will cause the screen to break.


★Solution: If the screen is damaged too quickly due to insufficient tension, we can properly improve the tension of the screen and keep the screen surface flat, so that the tension, compressive stress and shear stress of the screen will be relatively reduced, thereby improving the service life of the screen.screen


2 material selection is improper

The key to determining the quality of the screen is the material of the screen. At present, the material of the screen is mainly divided into metal and non-metal materials. The metal material mainly includes low carbon, high carbon, high manganese steel, stainless steel and other materials. The nonmetal mesh is made of rubber, nylon, polyurethane, etc. If the material we choose does not meet the screening requirements, it will accelerate the wear of the screen.


★Solution: We should choose the suitable screen according to the physical properties of the material. Among many materials, the quality of high manganese steel screen mesh is more reliable. High manganese steel adopts embedded braiding method. The overlapping point of warp and weft is not prominent, the screen surface is flat, the force is uniform, it has better plasticity and toughness, which can also achieve better use effect meanwhile the service life is more guaranteed.


3 material viscosity is too large

When the vibrating screen is used to screen materials, if the humidity and viscosity of the material are relatively large, the material will adhere tightly to the screen, causing the material to accumulate on the screen surface, and the screen holes are blocked, which leads to the screen damages.


★Solution: We can solve this problem by appropriately increasing the amplitude and adjusting the screen inclination angle, or by changing the screen with the appropriate mesh size.

screen mesh 

4 Excessive feeding one-time

The main function of the screen is to be responsible for screening materials. During the screening process, we will continuously feed materials into the vibrating screen. The processing capacity of the vibrating screen is normal, and the load it bears is normal. If a large amount of materials is given at one time, the load on the screen will be increased, which causes damage to the screen.

★Solution: During the use process, it should be evenly and continuously fed into the vibrating screen to avoid excessive material input at one time. It can also be equipped with a buffer hopper to slow down the impact on the screen, thus extending the lifespan of the screen

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