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Basic principles for the determination of mineral processing methods
May 03, 2018

When determining the beneficiation test program or recommendation process, comprehensive considerationbeneficiation test .jpg

should be taken and methods that are consistent with reality, reliable production, advanced indicators and economical and reasonable methods should be selected.


The principles chosen according to the nature of the ore are as follows:


1. In the case of depleted ore containing massive gangue, gangues should be removed by means of heavy medium beneficiation, jigging or dry magnetic separation.

2. The ore containing Mud should be considered for the removal of slime by washing.

magnetic separation.jpg3. Strong magnetic minerals are recovered by a weak magnetic separation method.

4. Weak magnetic minerals are recovered by re-selection, roasting magnetic separation, flotation, strong magnetic separation, or electrical separation according to their physical or chemical properties and the size of the inlay.

5. Sulfides and phosphorus minerals, which are relatively easy to float, are commonly recovered by flotation methods.

6. Multi-metal iron ore and multi-iron mineral iron ore, which are difficult to be selected by a single method, are commonly recovered by a combination of several processes.flotation.JPG

7. Minerals with extremely fine grain size (20 microns or less) or multi-element minerals embedded in useful minerals should be considered for the selection of useful mineral aggregates or loadings of useful components. If necessary, a combined metallurgical method should be given to the consideration.


In addition, consideration must be given to production requirements and actual conditions in the mining area. Advanced beneficiation processes should be used. The methods should be as simple and reliable as possible, be easy to operate and manage, and be compatible with local construction conditions. Attention should be paid to environmental protection to ensure production. It can be carried out efficiently and reliably.