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KYF/XCF Flotation Machine

KYF/XCF flotation machine is a process for ore-dressing. It is mainly used in mineral processing for the recovery and upgrading of sulfide ores. The development of froth flotation has improved the recovery of valuable minerals, such as copper, gold, silver, and other minerals.
Product Details:

KYF/XCF Flotation Machine

KYF/XCF flotation machine is a type of inflatable flotation machine with small impeller diameter and low circumferential speed. KYF type has no self-priming slurry capacity and low power. The XCF type has self-priming slurry capacity and can be horizontally configured. It does not require a foam pump, but the power consumption is slightly higher than that of KYF.

An air distributor is arranged in the tank, so that the air is evenly dispersed. The impeller acts as a centrifugal pump to fully suspend the solid particles. The U-shaped groove structure can minimize the tail sand deposition. The design of the impeller structure and the blade clearance flow channel is reasonable, the impeller wear is relatively uniform, and the impeller and stator have a long service life.


The slurry flow is controlled by the gate in the middle box or conical valve in the tailings box. Foam chute along the flotation machine longitudinal bracket on one side or both sides of the flotation machine.


XCF and KYF flotation machines are widely used in the processing of non-ferrous metals, black metals and non-metallic minerals. The two are often used together, and the two structural features are similar, and the dimensions are basically the same.


1. The impeller has small diameter, low circumferential speed and low power consumption;

2. With air distributor, the air dispersion effect is good;

3. The impeller has the function of a centrifugal pump to fully suspend solid particles;

4. U-shaped groove body can reduce short circuit cycle;

5. Light wear, low consumption of chemicals and low operating cost;

6. It can be started with load, and the structure is simple and easy to repair;

7. With slurry level control system, easy operation and management;

8. KYF type has no self-priming slurry capacity and low power; XCF has the self-priming ability of pulp, and the power consumption is slightly higher than KYF;

9. XCF and KYF are often configured as a unit, XCF as a suction tank and KYF as a DC tank. The combined unit can be horizontally configured without the need for a foam pump.


Using of the combination of XCF flotation machine and KYF flotation machine, the pulp is fed to the feeding box, then the pulp is suctioned to the XCF flotation by feeding pipe, next through KYF flotation machine and the tailings box or intermediate box.

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