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Dissolved Air Flotation Units

Dissolved Air Flotation Units
This dissolved air flotation unit is a mining air self-priming mechanical stirring flotation machine with a radiation impeller.
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Dissolved Air Flotation Units

The XJ dissolved air flotation unit is a widely used type of machine and is currently widely used in mine sorting operations. The flotation machine drives the impeller to rotate by the electric motor V-belt drive, and generates centrifugal force to form a negative pressure. The flotation machine drives the impeller to rotate by the motor V-belt drive, generates centrifugal force to form a negative pressure, sucks sufficient air to mix with the slurry, stirs the slurry to mix with the drug, and simultaneously refines the foam so that the mineral bonds to the foam and floats to the pulp surface to form a mineralized foam. Adjusting the height of the ram can control the liquid level so that the useful foam is scraped off by the squeegee.

1. The impeller and the cover plate are assembled concentrically to ensure that the gap between the impeller and the guide vane of the cover plate meets the requirements, which is convenient for inspection and replacement;

2. A circulation hole is opened between the two guide vanes of the cover plate for circulating the slurry, thereby increasing the inflation amount;

3. In the lower part of the air cylinder, a circulation hole for adjusting the circulation amount of the slurry is provided, and the circulation amount is controlled by the shutter to adjust the external ore supply amount

4. The cover plate is provided with 18~20 guiding vanes, which have guiding effect on the slurry flow which the impeller pulls out


It can be used for roughing, selection, sweeping and reverse selection of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and non-metallic minerals.

It is mainly used to select metal minerals such as gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, zinc, molybdenum, nickel and aluminum. It can also be used for rough selection and selection of ferrous and non-metallic.


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