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High efficiency Air Floatation Cell Machine On Sale

Floatation Cell, Hydrosizer, Flotation Cell manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Floatation Cell (JJF), Flotation Set (XCF+KYF), Air-Inflation Floatation Cell (LCF) and so on.
Product Details:

Basic Info

Feature of structure

Shallow tank; Smaller impeller diameter; Low revolution speed; Low power consumption.
The clearance between impeller and stator is bigger. Stator is a cyclinder with oval hole which makes for the mixing and deflocculation of air and slurry.
Stator is lower than impeller. Circulating amount of slurry is bigger, reaching 2.5 times of that of ordinary floatation cell.
Umbrella-shaped spreading hole cover of the stator can separate the vortex from foam layer produced by impeller rotation, so that the slurry keeps stable.

Circulating amount of slurry is bigger, reaching 2.5 times. It makes for the sufficient mineralization of air, medicament and slurry.
Big amount of air suction, good effect of deflocculation.
Proper agitation extent; Good solid particle suspension effect, no sediment; No need of discharge when stopping.

Wide range of processible particle size; High recovery rate of ore selection.

Technical parameter


Model Effective volume Capacity
m 3 /min
D of impeller Impeller
Motor power
W of
single tank
m3 mm r/min for agitation for scraper kg
JJF-4 4 2.0-4 410 305 11 1.5 2303
JJF-5 5 2.0-6 410 305 11 1.5 2416
JJF-8 8 4.0-8 540 233 22 1.5 4700
JJF-10 10 5.0-10 540 233 22 1.5 4820
JJF-16 16 5.0-16 700 180 37 1.5 8000
JJF-20 20 5.0-20 730 180 37 1.5 8500

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