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Conveying Equipment

Conveying Equipment Application: kinds of ores, for horizontal transmission and vertical transmission.
  • Belt Conveyor
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    Belt Conveyor

    Conveyer Product introduction The Features of Belt Conveyor According to the requirements about conveyor, this conveyor can make horizontal or oblique transportation by itself or combine with other conveyors. There is no relative motion between materials and conveyor belt, the damage to...
  • Screw Conveyor
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    Screw Conveyor

    S crew conveyor Screw conveyor is one of transportation equipment with power device,gear box,coupling,screw axis and hanging bearing. Application 1. Powder 2. Powder granular and small blocked bulk material 3. Clay powder, cement, concrete, sand, stone, grain, coal Features 1. Complete the...
  • Bucket Elevator
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    Bucket Elevator

    Bucket Elevator Product introduction Introduction Bucket elevator discharges materials centrifugally and feeds with them by draw-take out. Large quantity of feeding can be obtained through small distances of bucket. It embodies merits of a small occupational area, high efficiency of feeding,...
  • TH Bucket Elevator
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    TH Bucket Elevator

    Bucket Elevator Product introduction Introduction TH-type bucket elevator is a new product developed by our factory, with high transportation, and large enhance capacity, run in a stable and reliable way, long life and other significant advantages. TH series bucket elevator is used for conveying...
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