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Spiral Classifier Separator

Spiral Classifier Separator features simple structure, reliable working conditions and convenient operation. Because different grains have different specific gravity and sedimentation rates in liquid, this product allows the fine ore to flow in the water, while coarse ore sinks to the bottom.
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The spiral classifier is mainly spiral, which is a kind of mineral processing equipment and also a kind of classifier equipment. The spiral classifier is easy to use, and a specific classification device for separating materials according to the specificity of the solid particles. Currently, it is widely used in mining, construction and other industries. 

The base of the machine is made of channel steel, and the body is welded by steel plate. The screw shaft has a water inlet head, a shaft head and a pig iron sleeve. It is wear-resistant and durable. The lifting device is divided into electric and manual.

The spiral classifier mainly has four types: high weir spiral classifier and high weir double spiral classfier,immersed spiral classifier and double spiral classifier. 

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Our spiral classifiers are widely used in the distribution of ore in closed circuits with ball mills, grading ore and fine slit in gravity mills, grading granularity and flow of metal ore-dressing, and de-sliming and dehydrating in washing.

Working principle

The working principle of the spiral classifier is similar to that of other classifiers. The spiral classifier is also based on the principle that the solid particles are different in size and the specific gravity is different, so the sedimentation velocity in the liquid is different. The fine ore particles float in the water and overflow, and the coarse ore particles sink to the bottom of the tank.


1. The spiral classifier introduces domestic and foreign technologies and can perform certain classification according to the needs of users.

2. Advanced technology, simple process, convenient use, stable operation and high efficiency.

3. It can be graded in terms of particle size separation, and the 0.00--0.75mm stone powder content can be adjusted between 2% and 15%.

4. Suitable for the separation of stone powder, which is easier to control and can improve the efficiency of users.

5. Inside the spiral classifier, the tile lining has a very low maintenance rate.

6. At present, the use of frequency conversion technology greatly improves the safety performance for use.

Technical parameters

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