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Classifying Equipment

Classifying Equipment Application: widely used in the concentrator, used to improve the ore grade, metal particles and pulp size sorting process, washing operations in the deslimation, dehydration and other ore processing.
  • Spiral Classifier Separator
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    Spiral Classifier Separator

    Spiral Classifier Separator features simple structure, reliable working conditions and convenient operation. Because different grains have different specific gravity and sedimentation rates in liquid, this product allows the fine ore to flow in the water, while coarse ore sinks to the bottom.
  • Spiral Chute Separator
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    Spiral Chute Separator

    Spiral Classifier for Ball Mill is mainly used in the metal ore beatificationprocess to classify the ores according to their granularity relying on the falling speed of the ore particles in the liquid.
  • Hydro Cyclone Separator for Ball Mill
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    Hydro Cyclone Separator for Ball Mill

    Hydro Cyclone Separator a device that uses centrifugal force to classify the slurry. It is equipped with appropriate slurry pulp. Since there is no moving or power components, it needs to be equipped with a corresponding mud pump.